Getting to Know the Hornets

I know, I know, TrueHoop has been very Hornets heavy recently. There are two good reasons for that:

  • The Hornets are the most exciting team in the NBA right now.

  • The Hornets are the least exposed team in the NBA right now.

Perfect recipe!

Most NBA fans just have not had a chance to get to know this team much so far. They were hardly on TV at all, and back in the early part of the season when they did get some airplay, it was not yet clear that they were elite.

So, to me, this is fertile territory. Us fans know a fair amount about Tim Duncan. We have had a chance to form impressions about Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace, and the like.

But these Hornets -- this is new and exciting. I'm hungry to hear more from the coaching staff, see more of the youngsters, learn more about Tyson Chandler's childhood, and watch more Chris Paul highlights.

Even if the Hornets don't win a title -- even if they lose to the Spurs right here in the second round (the Hornets lead 2-0) -- we're going to look back on these playoffs as the emergence of Chris Paul and the Hornets.

So, it is in that spirit that I direct your attention to this giddy little video tale of Jannero Pargo, and Tyson Chandler's wife Kim, competing to see who knows Tyson better.

At the end, somebody says off-camera: You guys look so happy together. And Chandler says: "Who: Me and Jannero? Or me and Kim?" Then Kim slaps Tyson. I'm telling you, you need more Hornets in your life.