Idan Ravin on Chris Paul

Idan Ravin is a very nice guy, and a trainer to the likes of Elton Brand, Gilbert Arenas, and Chris Paul.

Ravin was interviewed by Dave McMenamin on NBA.com, and tells a lot of interesting stories, including this one about Paul:

I can give you a story, it kind of goes back because I've worked with Chris for a long time, it was from when I was prepping him for the Draft. Workouts are always really, really challenging and Chris wanted to workout with somebody else there with him. And I told him, "No, Chris, you have to do everything by yourself for a while." So I remember, I got a call from a top front office person from an NBA team who was going to be in the area and they wanted to stop by our workouts. So I said, "Sure, you guys can come by."

This was a senior, senior head guy from a team.

So I called Gilbert Arenas, and I was like, "Hey Gilbert, why don't you come by and workout today with Chris." Gilbert was like, "OK, sure."

So we pull up the gym and Chris is waiting outside and I see his eyes just light up, because not only is he working out with someone, he's working out with Gilbert Arenas who is like a top seven player in the NBA. He was excited to finally get to go and battle.

The first half an hour we just did a lot of drills and stuff, and the last half an hour we did a lot of competitive drills with a lot of 1-on-1 and spots. I probably want to say Chris won every single game. Now, 1-on-1 doesn't mean much, but it does mean something. When you're a 19-year old kid and you're going up against a top six or seven player in the NBA and you don't back down, you're just ferocious.

After the workout Gilbert came up to me and was like, "That kid is going to be special." To this day, Chris and Gilbert are very good friends. But that minute kind of showed me that there's no fear in him.

When you step off the court, he's a gentle, humble, kind, modest kid, but in those 90 feet, he's a lion, man.