Doug Collins, Coaching Again?

Doug Collins talked to ESPN.com's Marc Stein in early May. Stein wrote then:

After calling the Lakers' victory over Utah for TNT on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, Collins told ESPN.com that he has not heard from the Suns ... and that he would rebuff their interest if they do call.

"Steve has not talked to me, but I have no desire to do that," Collins said, referring to Suns president and former TNT colleague Steve Kerr. "I consider it a compliment when people mention me, but I just love my life now. The work that has to be done and the headaches you have to put up with today, I'm not willing to pay that price. It's just too tough.

"I get a chance to see my children now and my grandchildren. I've probably given up the competitive side of myself, but it's such a tough ride and tough grind unless you have the [clout] of someone like Phil Jackson or Gregg Popovich or Jerry Sloan."

And yet, the reports are flooding in that Collins will be the next head coach of the Bulls.