Tuesday Bullets

  • How to raise your child to be a Celtic-loving barbarian.

  • Now hiring: the Pistons. Now on the job market: Flip Saunders.

  • Jason Quick of The Oregonian: "The Trail Blazers on Tuesday will begin workouts for draft prospects, bringing in point guards Rodrigue Beaubois (France), Rudy Mbemba (Congo) and Mike Green (Butler)." Every now and again somebody sends a link to one of those intelligence tests, like from Mensa or something, and they often ask you come up with the next appropriate answer in a series. Here's a genius test for you: Name the next location in this list: France, Congo, Butler ...

  • The Grizzlies slid fairly well in the draft lottery, while Rudy Gay was out there on the stage as the public face of the franchise. Gay tells Grizzlies.com: "I can't even explain some of the things I'd do if I were back in that room with the balls. It was just tough, it wasn't what I expected at all."

  • Yesterday I wrote about the two games, earlier this season between the Celtics and the Lakers. Watch highlights. And note this: One of the more effective Celtic defenders against Bryant in the regular season was Tony Allen, who is out.

  • New Hawks GM Rick Sund tells Hawks.com about the invasion of the Stat Geeks: "I think with all the technology available and the internet making so much data available at your fingertips, it's important to use it as a resource. The media seems to focus on it more now, but it's been going on for several years. It's not a new concept. In Seattle, we had a guy who developed a patented software program for us that tracked all the players and teams in the league. It's not a new thing, but it's definitely a resource you need to have."

  • D.J. Augustin hires agent Thad Foucher.

  • Jerryd Bayless, according to Tony Mejia of ProBasketballNews, would be happy in New York: "There'd be no surprises in store for Arizona's Jerryd Bayless if he wound up in New York. The Phoenix native has been an avid follower of the Suns over the last few years and would love to play in D'Antoni's up-tempo system. In fact, he's got some inside info on how to run the show in that style courtesy of the reigning expert in the field. 'Thing is, I've known Steve (Nash), like I said, being from Phoenix. I've worked out with him so I know little tricks and things that he's shown me that he uses inside that offense,' said Bayless. 'We were supposed to actually run that at Arizona this year, that same offense, but you know, Coach O (Lute Olson) took his leave and everything wound up being different. I love New York. My brother has lived there for three or four years, working on Wall Street, so I'm always up there. I love the city, I love the atmosphere and if I did get to play there it would be a dream come true, so hopefully everything works out."

  • Ron Artest will reportedly interview the guy who threw the cup that started the mess in Auburn Hills.

  • 28Slim and the Baron of 2ManWeave: "B: I'm just tired of hearing about what a dream matchup LA and Boston would be. S: It's all about the history. B: Screw history! I'm 27 years old! What do I care how many games these two teams have playing on ESPN Classic? S: C'mon, that's just ignorant. You have to care about some of the history. B: First of all, no I don't. Secondly, I do care. I care to know it. But how does it possibly make a 2008 Lakers-Celtics final any more exciting to know that the two teams used to have a great rivalry? They don't anymore! It's only a rivalry to older fans! S: You've thought a great deal about this. B: Of course I have."

  • Mark Cuban is promoting some movies of his. It's shameless. But the movies look great, which somehow makes it OK in my book.

  • David Berri is picking the Celtics by a whisker, but says that a healthy and productive Andrew Bynum will make the Lakers favorites next year.

  • Very detailed rundown of the last time the Celtics and the Lakers played in the Finals. That would be the Magic Johnson baby skyhook game. I remember exactly where I was when that happened. (In the living room, as it happens.)

  • How the Grizzlies fell apart. Tales of hard-headedness.

  • Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic: "[Terry] Porter, Utah assistant coach Tyrone Corbin and Houston lead assistant Elston Turner are the only known candidates to receive second interviews from Phoenix. The Suns also are planning to meet with San Antonio lead assistant Mike Budenholzer this week for the first time now that the Spurs have been eliminated."