Dr. Jack Ramsay, Reporter

Plenty of insight here.

First of all, watch Kevin Garnett. He knows that it's not easy to hold a microphone up into the sky for a long time, so he leans against the wall to make himself a little shorter. Nice.

Now here's Kobe Bryant, who spills the beans that he expects to be posting up more in Game 2: Then we get to see Phil Jackson talking about a lot of interesting stuff. He confirms the team hopes to see both Bryant and Pau Gasol in the post more. Jackson responds impressively to Bryant's assertion that he got great shots in Game 1, and makes clear that he's not eager to see young Jordan Farmar spend a lot of time guarding Sam Cassell. Finally, here's Dr. Jack Ramsay with Doc Rivers, who says that he's glad lots of people trashed his bench before the series -- it gave guys like P.J. Brown some motivation. Rivers also says that Kevin Garnett caught the ball in the post 22 times, and the coaching staff would rather have that number be 30 or more.