A Title Run Born in a Steakhouse

For twelve years, Steve Aschburner covered Kevin Garnett in Minnesota.

Now they are both on the trail of the NBA Finals. and Garnett spent some one-on-one time with Aschburner, to talk about making it from NBA purgatory to the brink of an NBA title.

It's well worth reading the whole conversation, which is on MinnPost.com. This stood out to me:

I remember being at Ruth Chris' [Steak House in downtown Minneapolis] and watching one of the Finals games. At the bar, the restaurant, I couldn't even eat my meal, I was so far into the competition. I told the bartender, or the guy who was sitting there with me, whatever, "One of these days you're going to be sitting here watching me up there."

He said, "I believe that. Whether it's here or somewhere else, KG, I believe that."

That was the first time. I looked, I sort of turned my head, and that's when I knew. People understood. Like, "If you can't win it here, go somewhere else and do it." That's when I knew people understood my position.

I'm quite certain that there will be some Garnett fans at that Ruth Chris' cheering for the Celtics tonight. Just maybe they'll finally get to see him win a title, too.