Monday Bullets

  • Pretend you're LeBron James, and it's 2014 when you can opt out of your contract. Are you better signing up for more years with Dwyane Wade as your primary teammate ... or the younger and underrated Andre Iguodala? Wade is seen as the far more valuable player, but Iguodala can play. Also have long thought that Iguodala is one of the only guys with a body anything like LeBron's. Imagine trying to match up with them if they were together. Further thought ... this kind of talk probably makes Heat fans uncomfortable, right? How long 'til they start lecturing James on loyalty?

  • The Sixers chased hard after very stat geeky GM candidates like Rockets assistant GM Sam Hinkie, Celtics assistant GM Mike Zarren and former Blazers assistant GM Tom Penn. Instead, they hired organization stalwart Tony DiLeo, who says they'll supplement with a new stats expert.

  • A lot of NBA head coaches weigh in about the benefits of a full training camp, unlike last year. Interesting theme: Last year's lack of practice time was doom for young players who had no time to learn what they were supposed to be doing.

  • Overall, this story is sad and pathetic. HOWEVER ... it does have Billy Ray Bates, and a Mercedes with six doors. (Via Jerry Hizon.)

  • Growing up plus/minus: Stat geekery galore for your youth and rec leagues, thanks to an app.

  • Nuggets will do a lot of things beautifully, but how about shooting? Pressure's on Danilo Gallinari, who has the reputation as a great shooter but not the recent numbers, and Andre Iguodala who has the recent numbers but not the reputation.

  • Remember when we were kids and people got all worked up if you wore dress shoes or high heels on the gym floor? Nowadays, VIPs, officials, media and the like scramble all over NBA floors wearing whatever they like on their feet. There are dogs, and even horses and motorcycles in timeouts and halftimes. And I've never seen anybody complain. What's that about? Is the finish better now? Is it because there are people to clean up the scuff marks? Were they just totally nuts to yell at as so much back in school? In any case, worlds are colliding, probably for the worse. An invite to Warriors Media Day includes this: "We ask that EVERYONE attending Media Day wear flat bottomed, non-marking shoes (preferably tennis shoes or shoes with a similar bottom)."

  • I find Channing Frye's reaction to news of his enlarged heart, which will cost him this season, maybe the rest of his career and untold amounts of worry, to be inspiring and heroic: "This is my reality, and I have to just deal with it and just stay positive."

  • Studies show that diversity makes your organization smarter. I wonder if this effect is measurable in sports, for instance do more diverse front offices make better decisions?

  • Dare you not to love the Hornets video on this Wizards blog.

  • Daniel Orton made a top 20 list for his NBA play. Eric Gordon tops a similar list.

  • Iman Shumpert on the new iPhone: "Good phone. Not a very good basketball." (Via Adena Andrews)