Late Tuesday Mini-Bullets

  • About 3:30 into this video you can see Gary Payton get an unbelievable reception from the Save Our Sonics crowd.

  • Tough Grizz. One of the best columns I have read in a while, about the man in the Grizzlies' mascot suit, who stared cancer in the eye and won.

  • TrueHoop reader Ryan has a question: "If Miami is dangling their pick, why the hell isn't Chicago doing everything possible to unload some of their talent and grab Beasley and Rose together? Wouldn't Tyrus Thomas (or Luol Deng if pressed), Kirk Hinrich and a future first for the No. 2 and Marion (they can lease him for the year, let him be a free agent or extend him) make all kind of sense for both parties?"

  • If Brian McCormick ran Team USA, the starting five would be Deron Williams, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Jackson, David Lee, and Dwight Howard. That's the kind of role-player rich team I thought Team USA was really going to have.

  • Classy NBA superstars, through the years.

  • $55,000 for the shirt Doc Rivers was wearing when Paul Pierce dumped Gatorade all over him.

  • New Jersey's Rod Thorn says he'd like to trade up to get the top overall pick, says Miami might use the second pick on O.J. Mayo, and gives the impression the Nets could swap their tenth pick for Portland's thirteenth pick.

  • Brandon Roy fills in for Paul Pierce at Paul Pierce's camp.

  • Meaningful thoughts about the role of sports blogs in the world.

  • A mess of Memphis rumors.

  • You notice that people in Indiana are surprisingly ready to say goodbye to Jermaine O'Neal?

  • Fred Hoiberg of the Timberwolves talks to Britt Robson of the Rake about Minnesota's draft plans. He says no one has knocked their socks off yet with an offer for the third pick. Then he talks about some players he likes: "I think shooting is a priority. Just so the defender is not always sitting in Al Jefferson's lap. O.J. Mayo will be as good a shooter as anyone in this draft. We saw him in Chicago and he was filling it up. Kevin Love is a legitimate three point shooter as a big and is a great passer. Bayliss is a good shooter. Gordon has a great shot. Gallinari made 23 out of 25 college threes in the workout we saw. It was against a chair, but he missed first one and then hit 23 of his next 24 and he's a legitimate 6-10, just a quarter inch shorter than Mchale. Otherwise you just get somebody who is going to fit into your group. Lopez fits our needs because of his size and his wide shoulders. Love does because of his savvy and smarts--he fills gaps defensively and immediately helps our fast break because of his outlet passing and just does so many little things. Mayo averaged 21 points in the toughest league in country last year and has had the spotlight on him since he was growing up in Kentucky."

  • The trouble with Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley.