Wednesday Bullets

  • Brooklyn-based actress Rosie Perez remembers meeting Joe Johnson, from a press release about "The Association: Brooklyn Nets" premiering on NBA TV next Tuesday: "I said, 'My goodness, you talk slow as hell.' He said, 'Yeah, you just say whatever comes to your mind.' And I go, 'Welcome to Brooklyn...get used to it!'" Here's a little preview.

  • On Portland Roundball Society, Andrew Tonry notes 2012 has shades of 2004: "It was: Hello Zach Randolph, Darius Miles and Sebastian Telfair. Today it’s: Hello LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum and Damian Lillard. Players of similar ages at similar positions during similar times in their careers. It’s almost eerie. Scoring power forwards who weren’t natural leaders but nonetheless tasked with leading. Lanky wings with lucrative contracts based more on promise than proof. Highly touted rookie point guards plucked from outside the mainstream channels being asked not only to do something special, but something spectacularly difficult."

  • "If dead animals make you squeamish, don’t click through." Photos of Brad Miller's summer ...

  • Kirk Hinrich looks good in his first Bulls outing of the preseason. C.J. Miles looks good for the Cavaliers, and Dion Waiters does not.

  • Jason Calmes of Hornets247 on Anthony Davis: "Let’s get to the man of the hour-day-week-month-year-decade for the New Orleans Hornets. In 30 minutes of play, he scored 22 points on 18 shots, grabbed 9 rebounds, added a block and an assist, all while amassing ... one foul. Don’t let the one block plus zero steals fool you; Davis changed many a shot. He was moving on offense, tried a three, and even drove the length of the floor once, only to dump the ball off but failing to net the assist. After halftime, Dell was out on the floor mentoring him, and of course he and Monty were engaged all game. Davis even tapped Monty a few times from behind. They are clearly getting on well. There was a scary moment when Davis was down and sort of writhing. Turns out, it was a glancing blow on the baby-maker. He collected himself with a wide-arcing stroll to the bench."

  • A totally rational system that nevertheless loves the Raptors.

  • Tracy McGrady signs off, for now, with a goodbye letter to the NBA. He thanks all kinds of people. He is heading to China. (You know what I'd love? Some way to quickly add every NBA player's name to a spell-checker. Tracy McGrady would love that too.)

  • Detroit, city of weird forwards.

  • In an NBA video promoting the Heat's trip to China, Pat Riley calls the journey "very fatiguing."

  • A nice little collection of stories about Danny Granger getting under people's skin.

  • I am open to the idea that Rajon Rondo really does think the game better than his competition. For instance, he says that if Doc Rivers is tossed from the game, he can run the team, call the plays and everything else. Now that Ray Allen's gone, that might be true.

  • On HoopSpeak Live, Beckley Mason points out that a lot of great teams, especially Phil Jackson teams, were elite at offensive rebounding, despite countervailing evidence.