Down in Minnesota

David Thorpe likes the Kevin Love-for-O.J. Mayo trade for Minnesota. Jeffrey Ma of ProTrade is certain Love will be the best player out of this whole draft.

But Minnesota fans? Not sold.

At least not Steve McPherson. Why is he just sure this was the wrong move? Mostly because it's something Kevin McHale did.

McPherson e-mails:

Driving my wife home after picking her up from work last night, I talked about how I thought the Timberwolves had finally made an intelligent draft day decision by taking O.J. Mayo.

Sure, there are doubts about his ceiling in the NBA, but it seemed like the T'Wolves had finally taken the best player available with their first-round pick, thereby bucking what I had thought of as a recent trend of passing up genuine talent for solid averageness.

When they picked Brandon Roy and traded for Randy Foye, it seemed, at the time, like a not completely boneheaded move, but now it's clear it was just a massive mistake.

By the time of last year's draft, my faith in the T'Wolves front office was at the point where their selection of Corey Brewer confirmed, in my mind, Brewer's mediocrity. When John Hollinger disparaged Brewer before the draft as overrated, I wasn't so sure.

But when the Wolves took him I became convinced of Hollinger's assessment -- because if the Wolves are doing it, whoever's betting against them is right.

Let's just say my hopes for this draft were exceedingly low, especially after reading a bit that talked about how Minnesota had drafted Ray Allen and then traded him for Stephon Marbury.

But Mayo made me hopeful.

It turned out I only had hope for one night. Waking up to the news that they had traded for Love, I nearly started vomiting and crying blood -- not because I think I have some knowledge about the players involved that allows me to say this is a bad trade. If it were any other team, I might even think it was a good trade.

Instead, I simply saw the hand of McHale in the deal and thus KNEW it was a bad idea. It's becoming increasingly clear that the only good thing Glen Taylor and Kevin McHale have EVER done with this franchise was drafting Kevin Garnett. How they ever even made that good choice isn't entirely clear to me, since they managed to screw that up for twelve straight years before burning it down for the insurance money.

So it's not that I think the trade is inherently a bad one because of the players, but more that I know it's a bad one because the Wolves did it. The wikipedia page for Murphy's Law ("If there's more than one possible outcome of a job or task, and one of those outcomes will result in disaster or an undesirable consequence, then somebody will do it that way") says it's also known as Sod's Law or Finagle's Law. I propose that it also be known henceforth as McHale's Law.