Chris Douglas-Roberts With a "Big Chip" on His Shoulder

Chris McCosky of the Detroit News with word from Chris Douglas-Roberts' introduction as a New Jersey Net:

How upset were you at dropping to 40?

"Ooof. That first day I was extremely (upset) -- extremely. I'm pretty sure anybody in the world knows how I feel to be under-appreciated. That's all it was. But once I looked at the situation and once I looked at where I was picked, I looked at it in a positive way. Because it's a blessing to be here (New Jersey). I could have ended up on the Lakers, you know? Somewhere like that, where there's no playing time. So being here is great for me. I looked and over all it's great. Being picked 40 is horrible, and I don't know what people are thinking, but overall I'm happy."

Chip on your shoulder?

"Big. Big chip. Big. That's the biggest motivation I have. Getting picked 40, I'm gonna write a book."

Where did you think you might go?

"Oh, I was, like, 15 to 25. And it just so happened that some teams I didn't work out for had 25 to 30, and I didn't workout (for them)... that's how it happens. That's just how it happens. Why? I still don't know why. But that's yesterday's news. You have to be mentally strong to be in this business, and you have to form amnesia. And that's with anything in basketball. You make a mistake on the floor you can't let it affect the next four trips down the floor."