Jordan Crawford and his "steez"

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog asked Jordan Crawford why he wears sunglasses in the locker room after games.

Crawford said it was just part of his "steez."

Steinberg did not know this word. After getting a lesson in '90s music, he asked just about everyone in the Wizards organization about it. It's all must-read:

“Could you just define the word steez for me,” I asked Randy Wittman.

“Who?” he replied. “Steez? How do you spell it? Spell it for me first.”

“It’s short for steelo,” Sarah told him.

“For steelo? Who the hell is Steelo?” Wittman responded.

“It means style,” Sarah offered.

“Oh, that’s style?” Wittman said. “And it’s called what, steez? I like your steez.”

Then I asked Martell Webster.

“I don’t know what the hell steez means,” he said. “I really don’t. I’m from the Northwest. We don’t talk like that. Steez? You define it. Where are you from?”

I told him I was from Buffalo. Webster walked away.

“You see how I just walked away?” he said, as he walked away.