Wednesday Bullets

  • Marcus Williams to Golden State? ESPN's Marc Stein is on vacation, but he's a gamer, and checked in to say that this move, by all indications, likely shifts Golden State's attentions away from the offer sheet they were flirting with extending to Philadelphia 76ers free agent Louis Williams. The Warriors decided getting this Williams via trade was a lot less risky than signing Philly's Williams to an offer sheet and potentially coming away with nothing if the Sixers match it as you'd expect.

  • A sportswriter vs. the department of homeland security.

  • Update to yesterday's post about that Nike campaign that some see as homophobic. All the ads feature photos of a player dunking over another player in such a way that the defender's face is being assaulted, more or less, by the dunker's crotch. Most had been upset by the headline on one, which reads "That Ain't Right." But another headline says "Punks Jump Up." While that's a saying that's around, it's best known (thanks for the heads up, Christian) as the title of a 1992 Brand Nubian single that got the group in trouble. The song is mostly bragging about violence, some of it very specifically targeted to gays. The lyrics could hardly be more anti-gay. They are out there for the googling, but be aware they're PG-13 at least. This is not a good development for whoever it is that will end up having to defend this campaign to those most offended here.

  • There is a common idea out there, for instance from Greg Couch of the Chicago Sun-Times that Luol Deng made a mistake by not agreeing to a long-term offer from the Chicago Bulls last summer. And maybe he did make a mistake, if his goal is strictly to make as much money as possible. But given the turmoil in Chicago -- all those coaches, all those blow-ups, all those chemistry problems -- you have to at least consider the idea that Deng, or Ben Gordon, might want to get a sense of what it will be like to play in Chicago before signing up long-term. ... I swear, I wrote all that above before noticing this post noodling around with the idea of Luol Deng in Portland.

  • Matt of BlogaBull is nearing the end of his rope with Chicago GM John Paxson: "I want Derrick Rose passing to legitimate teammates, not future cap space in jerseys. This team may be young but they have an opportunity to be young and successful. Being awful and cheap doesn't make the Bulls a good destination in the present or future. Either Paxson failed to draft players worthy of big money, or mismanaged the roster to where the team can't correctly reward them. That could include the foresight of cashing in Deng early for Pau Gasol, or not tossing big money to Andres Nocioni. If Gordon and Deng walk, the team is starting over. And if that's the case, I wouldn't mind having a new GM get a chance to try the rebuilding plan this time around. He can start early on the Tyrus Thomas contract stalemate."

  • Wondering which American city might qualify as most racist.

  • Kelly Dwyer, J.E. Skeets, and the all-day chat.

  • A quick examination reveals seven Eastern teams that you'd expect to make the playoffs and a lot of stragglers. That's good if you're Miami, trying to get back into the dance.

  • The idea that Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby can play together, as Camby plays the high-post on offense and can guard power forwards.

  • This is the closest thing I have seen to trash talking from Memphis fans maybe ever.

  • The pick of Kosta Koufos has inspired an examination of all the "stiff white" guys the Jazz have drafted.

  • Eric Musselman on that WNBA fight which is already a YouTube sensation.

  • Anthony Randolph appears to have something his coaches love: nastiness.

  • It'll be interesting to see what kind of shoe deal Brandon Jennings can get in Europe. If he gets a big one, that will get a lot of attention from high school stars considering a year in Europe instead of the NCAA.