Drills with Mike Miller

Mike Trudell of Timberwolves.com just watched Mike Miller work out, and then talked to him about his drills.

It's pretty psycho, for us normal people.

For instance, Miller ended his workout by hitting 36 straight NBA three-pointers. This is a regular workout for Miller. But if some dude did that at my local gym, we'd bronze him, and just leave him there -- one big step behind the college line we have at our gym -- with his hand holding the follow through.

Of course, the court would be useless, with the bronze dude parked there. But we'd find some other gym, and it would be worth the hassle. An accomplishment like that must be honored.

Trudell describes another Mike Miller shooting drill:

One of Miller's hardest drills is this: A three-point make is +1 and a miss -1, and he has to get to 50. So he could make 49 in a row, miss one and he'd need two straight makes to finish. Miss five, make five and you're at zero.

Try that sometime with NBA threes ... Or you could dunk on Dwight Howard, out-swim Michael Phelps, beat Rafael Nadal on clay or broker a permanent peace deal between Israel and Palestine.

They should do that drill at halftime of an NBA game. If someone from the audience could get to +50, I think I might be able to get them a life-sized bronze statue as a prize.