Tuesday Bullets

  • Luol Deng tells the Times of London about the books he just read, and sure enough he just read the same book about Deng's country, Sudan, that I just read, Dave Eggers' "What is the What." My new career goal: to talk "What is the What" with Luol Deng.

  • A columnist takes Magic Johnson to task for his inventive use of the English language. Basketbawful's considers this: "CJ's gripe is that successful businessmen like Magic should be able to speak better, and that Magic's oral diarrhea is setting a bad example for the kiddies ... since nobody can succeed if they talk like an idiot. Really, CJ? I wouldn't be too sure about that."

  • Jalen Rose reportedly makes a bet with an arena vendor that he can outscore LeBron James. James scores 50. Rose does not. Later, the five dollar bill comes to the office, from Rose, in an envelope addressed to "that smart-ass vendor."

  • Michael Beasley is growing up. He tells ESPN the Mag's Chris Broussard that he won't decorate his Miami bachelor pad like he decorated his dorm room -- with Spongebob gear -- because it won't do him any favors if he has a young woman over.

  • You will never see a more involved blog post focused on high-school phenom Abdul Gaddy's father. Gaddy is the recruit whose mom works for FedEx and got a call from the FedEx president and CEO, who happens to be a bit of a Memphis booster.

  • The Warriors might be the first team to have their own fake beer brand.

  • Can somebody please help Greg Oden's mom? From Oden's Yardbarker blog: "The first thing i noticed when i got to my moms house was that her house is really big but something happen to the lawn. I guess she put in a sprinkler system. Well the guys doing it messed up our whole house. So i go in the house and tried to take a shower. After letting the water run for 10 mins and it not getting hot i asked her and she said there hasnt been any hot water since they put that in, so i had to take a 2 minute cold shower. I say 2 minutes cause i couldnt stand it any longer. So after i get out of the shower i go to use the computer and the wireless was cut off too, also the house phone didnt even work. So i went through the whole week with no phone, no internet, and no hot water. It was just something kinda funny to me because i remember that stuff happening when we lived in a little house, but now we are in a huge house in a beautiful neighborhood and it still happens."

  • Kevin Arnovitz of ClipperBlog on the new roster realities in Clipperland: "Imagine you asked an informed Clipper fan in June 2006 to tell you what kind of offensive scheme the Clips would be running in the fall of 2008. Following the playoff run that season, the thought was that, going forward, the Clips would be a post-oriented offense with two capable big men [Elton Brand, Chris Kaman] propelled by a dynamic point guard [Shaun Livingston]. They'd need to add a proficient shooter on the wing -- preferably one who could play some defense -- to replace the departing Corey Maggette. But the bulk of the offense would originate on the block, precipitated by Shaun Livingston's ability to penetrate. Fast forward two years, and the landscape couldn't be less familiar. The Clippers are an entirely new collection of players. Of the anticipated offensive lynchpins, only Kaman remains. He's flanked by a power forward who couldn't be more different than Elton Brand. Marcus Camby's center of gravity on the floor is at the elbow, and he generates most of his points as an ancillary offensive option. He's a nice complementary player for Chris, but his presence leaves all the heavy lifting on the low block for Chris. Baron Davis is undoubtedly the focal point of the Clips' new offense. Davis' usage rate last season with Golden State was good for 17th in the league, and we can expect that number to climb this season. With Davis, Mike Dunleavy gets something he loves -- a big, physical guard that can post and defend -- and something he's never had in Los Angeles: An expert passer."

  • Dan Dickau signs in Italy. This signing doesn't make quite the same kind of tremors that Josh Childress's did, but it's one more guy ...

  • Talk of Cablevision possibly spinning off Madison Square Garden. If that happens, I think it would be extremely unlikely the business unit that includes the Knicks would see the open market, and would instead become privately owned by some of the same people who call the shots now.