Wednesday Mini-Bullets

  • How to make the All-Star team while playing for a losing team.

  • Ramone Shelburne of ESPNLA on Dwight Howard at the line: "According to ESPN Stats & Information, Howard has taken nearly half of the Lakers' free throws in crunch time situations (defined as the last five minutes of a fourth quarter or overtime when the score margin is five points or fewer) and has converted on only 44 percent of his attempts."

  • Paretz Partensky with a stellar read about coaching, on n+1. Early in the story is this moment: "A couple of months after our first pickup game, Hameed and Najib told me that a call had come from Kabul. The Afghanistan National Basketball Federation (ANBF) was organizing a tournament and had invited our team to represent Nangarhar Province. They asked me to come along as their coach. Our conversation went something like this: – You realize that I know nothing about coaching. – ... still probably more than we know about being coached. – All I have to offer is common sense. – It might work well in combination with what we’ve got. – I need time to consider. – There is no time."

  • John Hollinger (Insider) on teams that have faced tough schedules: "They've only outscored opponents by 4.6 points per game and just lost to the lowly Wizards, which might lead you to think the Heat's 12-4 record is a mirage. The 'but' here is that overall, Miami has had a very tough gauntlet to start the season. The Heat's schedule has been the league's second toughest, with an average .564 win percentage when not playing in Miami; while that includes a game against San Antonio's B team, it would be a top-3 schedule even if we downgrade that Spurs team."

  • This is a lovely essay about taking photographs. What does it have to do with basketball? Well ... the guy who wrote it loves to play basketball. Trust me.

  • A trio of quiet riots: The hair of the men in this video still is uniformly unkempt.

  • A new wrinkle to a Thunder play.