Dwight Howard Losing His Noodle

When Dominique Dawes walks into Team USA's gym.

In the 1996, Dawes became the first African-American woman to win gymnastic gold, at the Atlanta Olympics.

Apparently she made a big impression on Dwight Howard, who was not yet even Super Boy. Back then he was just another starry eyed 10-year-old Atlantan.

What's funny, too, is how Howard puts on his best show of being overwhelmed -- even falling off his chair -- and yet Dawes couldn't do a more effecient job of shrugging it off. She barely even notices him.

Howard is still on the floor, in fact, as Dawes shakes Carlos Boozer's hand, and tells him she is a big Duke fan.

UPDATE: Word from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Howard attended a day of gymnastics in 1996 strictly because of his crush on Dawes.