Nice Olympics, but a Couple of Stains

China has a ton to be proud of in these Olympic games, not the least of which is the fantastic performance of so very many Chinese athletes.

And by all reports the games have been pulled off with extraordinary competence, which is commendable in any setting, let alone this world full of everything from smog to Al Qaeda.

But in the rush to keep up appearances, corners were cut. Big corners, at least to me. One was free speech. There are several such stories, but this one, with the septuagenarians sentenced to hard labor for being upset they were evicted from their homes, takes the cake.

Another was the truth. This has been in The New York Times and now is told in fun web sleuth fashion on the blog Stryde Hax: There's some pretty good evidence that Chinese gymnast is not truthfully old enough to compete.

That's shoddy, and lamentable.