Tayshaun Prince is Blogging, Sort Of

Tayshaun Prince's last entry was almost a month ago, but it's new to me so what the heck.

He talks playoffs. Of course, Prince and Rip Hamilton both guarded Dwyane Wade in the Eastern Conference Finals, but Prince seems to be implying that Manu Ginobili is the tougher cover. As I recall, Prince had good and bad defensive games against both Ginobili and Wade.

Miami was a definite challenge. I think the Shaq factor had many people counting us out. I think last year's run gave us an edge experience wise. We'd been there before and we knew how to pull together. Miami has great weapons in Shaq and Wade, but the Jones guys (Damon and Eddie) surprised us a little with the way they stepped it up. There were times when those two just didn't miss! We could never get too comfortable with a lead because a couple of threes could instantly change the momentum of the game.

The Spurs series really tested us. It just seemed like every series got tougher in terms of the guy that I had to guard. But I just took it in stride because last year I was in the same situation (guarding Kobe). I didn't look at it as pressure. I looked at it as a challenge. Winning challenges leads to success. Guarding Ginoboli was tough, but I felt like I gave my best. A new challenge in this series was getting double-teamed. I wasn't accustomed to drawing so much attention offensively, but I adjusted by doing other things, such as passing and rebounding.