Monday Bullets

  • The Nets have been playing lots of Hero Ball late in games, and it's not working.

  • So far Jeremy Lin has been far better without James Harden on the court. How much time is the right amount of time to give them to work things out? Tom Haberstroh says enough already, bring Lin off the bench so he can dominate the ball when he's in.

  • Tremendous insight into one of the funniest basketball players in the world, Rod Benson, who once built a website just to ask a girl to a prom. And she said no.

  • Michael Jordan, shown relying on the kind of technology (note the boombox in the back, too) your grandparents would be embarrassed to have in the basement in 2012.

  • The Raptors are a team at a crossroads. One of the choices? Tank a couple of seasons in the hopes of getting Andrew Wiggins. He is one of the most coveted players in the 2014 draft, and he also happens to be Canadian. Michael Grange of SportsNet: "There are people who make a living evaluating basketball talent who feel that the 6-foot-7 live wire is as gifted an NBA prospect as has emerged in the past decade. A franchise-changing player, in other words: A saviour. On a rational level, it's crazy talk. The kid is a kid. Being talented is a long way from being able to lift a franchise. They call it the draft lottery for a reason -- the balls don't always bounce the way they should. But. This basketball Jesus is Canadian. He's from Vaughan, about a 30-minute drive from the ACC in light traffic. He could sleep in his own bed while rescuing a franchise. Needless to say these kinds of circumstances don't present themselves very often, if ever. The last time something comparable happened in Canada was when the Vancouver Grizzlies passed on chances to draft and then trade for Steve Nash. How did that work out? Which isn't to say the Raptors should throw this season and next season overboard to have the chance to win a lottery that would possibly deliver a high school kid who might yield the franchise the best 10 years it's ever had. But it is to say: someone should be thinking very, very seriously about it. And should they choose not to go that route, that incredibly risky route that comes with absolutely no guarantees, someone should be prepared to explain why they didn't if a hometown kid with immense talent is leading some other NBA franchise on the ride of its life."

  • I don't know what post people want when they tune into an NBA game ... but they never complain when they get inventive ball movement. It's a delight.

  • Anthony Davis can't really draw/gets the point across anyway. Jonas Valanciunas has dreams of a 1972 Volvo wagon. And Thomas Robinson knows his team's logo. NBA players sketch. (Via Deadspin.)

  • Jonathan Abrams' Chauncey Billups profile on Grantland includes a good Sam Mitchell quote: "Nobody wanted Chauncey Billups. And I laugh now. All these teams praise him. All these teams had a chance to have him. And look at the teams that had him. They didn't know what to do with him and they shooed him out the door. It's funny how the NBA is. But as soon as the lights come on and you start playing well, everybody wants you."

  • It's called the Development League, but it's not strictly about development. Ridiculous Upside blogger turned Sioux Falls executive Scott Schroeder explains his new job in a talk with his former blog: "We are about winning games. When 80 percent of the NBA call-ups come from winning D-League teams, getting the ‘W' becomes most important to everyone. We are not looking for ten players to develop. We are looking for ten guys who are going to help us win."