Thursday Bullets

  • Robert Silverman of Knickerblogger on Carmelo Anthony: "For all of the hullabaloo about the 'New Melo' there are really only two substantial changes to his game. One, when he’s doubled -- and at the start of the 2nd half, Brooklyn went so far as to begin sending every bipedal life form at him literally at midcourt -- he’s looking for open ‘mates on the weak side as opposed to forcing a contested shot. Two, the move to power forward (as many a wise wag predicted) creates a mismatch no matter who’s guarding him."

  • Sitting courtside, rapper Rick Ross tells Cowbell Kingdom's Jonathan Santiago about why he, despite being a Miami native, has some love for the Sacramento Kings: "You know, I’ma be here. We gon’ have a great year. It’s gonna be a solid year. It’s gonna be a fun year. You know what I’m saying? It’s a cool halftime -- the food’s smelling good, hopefully we’ll bump into a few more sexy ladies and I’m just going to hang out and enjoy it man. I’ma be a supporting role player on the sideline."

  • Sarah Kogod of the D.C. Sports Bog quotes Martell Webster on a holiday charity event: “I read them ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and we had cookies and milk. I played ‘Black Santa.’ There was this one kid, he totally knew I wasn’t Santa. He was like, ‘Your beard doesn’t even attach to your face.’ It was hilarious.”

  • Andrei Kirilenko was recently interviewed in Russian by Pavel Osipov of Sport-Express. As translated by journalist Alexander Chernykh, the Timberwolves' player had this to say about guarding LeBron James: "The most interesting thing happens when you manage to meet eyes with him. Then sometimes you can tell what he is going to do. But right away you realize that he has already guessed your plans and is going do something else now. That’s the telepathic connection we establish. Who outwits who. Sometimes he does, sometimes I do."

  • The Clippers are the clear top dogs in Wayne Winston's plus/minus based NBA rankings. Grizzles, Spurs, Thunder, Heat, Knicks and ... Nuggets are next, in that order.

  • In a New York Times profile by Jonah Weiner, Jerry Seinfeld talks about the good old day when he faced tough crowds on basketball courts. "Most comedians dislike telling jokes to empty seats, but at this point Seinfeld enjoys a room that offers some resistance. 'I miss opening for Frankie Valli and Ben Vereen, walking out as an unknown and there’s no applause: let’s get it on,' he said. 'I once opened for Vic Damone at a nooner on a basketball court in Brooklyn. They’re going, Who is this kid? Oh, god! They’re sure you’re not worth the trouble. But I’d win over some of those rooms.'"

  • Jose Calderon and his 17 assists, which come with lessons.

  • This discussion of Andre Drummond's minutes could scarcely be more cryptic.

  • Forcing a child to wear a Wizards jersey to a road game?