Chris Broussard with the Particulars

That Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur incident at the Rookie Transition Program ... Chris Broussard of ESPN the Magazine has many more details than we knew previously. For instance:

According to sources, Chalmers and Arthur were caught in Arthur's room at the Doral Arrowwood resort in Rye Brook, N.Y., when a fire alarm went off Wednesday at about 2 a.m. Hotel management went to the room, but the players refused to allow them in.

Stern's anger was apparently evident when he began his speech; he mentioned Chalmers and Arthur by name and told the 67 rookies in attendance that the two would be thrown out of the program and forced to attend the 2009 session.

Management then left to get security, which used its own key to enter the room minutes later. Once inside, security found Chalmers, Arthur and at least two women. There was a strong stench of marijuana in the room, and one person was in the bathroom with the door locked, repeatedly flushing the toilet, sources said.

The police were called to room, which they searched, but neither marijuana nor drug paraphernalia was found.

The players had been planning to attend the program's opening session with David Stern the following morning, but when Stern learned what had happened the night before, Broussard's sources say he had them sent packing, then called them out by name before the entire group.