Ritchie Knows How Gilbert Arenas Can Make A Lot of Money

TrueHoop reader Ritchie has been thinking, and e-mails:

I'm not sure what the rules say about this but can we possibly see something play out where an NBA All-Star will don the uniform of a different country a la Becky Hammon of the WNBA?

I'm thinking the Chinese team desperately needs a guard, and wouldn't it be compelling to see Gilbert Arenas play for them? Arenas can stick it to U.S. Basketball for sending him home and imagine the $$$ and marketing possibilities for him if the Chinese team starts winning games.

There are only 12 roster spots on the U.S. team and, as the Beijing Olympics has shown, these future international tournaments will be HUGE!!!!

If Arenas ends up doing this, and making tons of money, I think it'd only be fair for Arenas to name the grotto after Ritchie.