Insight From Suns Fantasy Camp

McLane at Black Jesus Disciples just spent a day at Phoenix Suns Fantasy Camp.

Part of the day included a Q+A session with Rick Welts, the president of the Suns, who announced -- among other things -- that Matt Barnes would be starting this season, while Grant Hill would come off the bench.

As someone who is soon going to be posing as an athlete at a basketball camp, I was very interested in the on-court experience of the players. It was pretty much what I expected: It started with all kinds of drills, which ruined just about everybody's legs. Then it ended with dragging those ruined legs around a scrimmage.

But at least there was a lot of theater (guy in a gorilla costume, anyone?)! McLane writes:

The clinic portion of the day complete, we're given a much needed break. While myself and the rest of my fellow out of shape basketball fans are toweling off and attempting Gatorade IVs, Cedric Ceballos strolls to center court, and the Suns Dancers and Gorilla appear in the tunnel.

Turns out that before our full court, four quarter scrimmage, Ced will introduce us one by one, the lights will go out, and the standard Suns intro will play on the scoreboard and the speakers while the dancers gyrate and the Gorilla does his thing.

In the midst of grinning ear to ear and soaking it all in, I hear Ced bellow out my name, my cue to run to center court, give the Gorilla a high five, and pose for a picture with the Suns Dancers, the Gorilla, and our four coaches for the day.

To say this was the highlight of the day to this point would be selling it short.

Unfortunately, we were soon brought down to earth again, because it was scrimmage time. Four ten minute quarters, where despite plenty of substitutions and breaks in the action, my legs would turn to rubber and not one of my three attempted shots would fall.

By the fourth quarter every attendee save for a few with young legs was totally gassed. One of these young'uns broke free for an uncontested layup late in the game but to help keep things close and to probably knock this young man down a peg or two, Alvan Adams casually strolled onto the court, slapped the ball out of the kids' hands on his way up, and cool as a cucumber walked off the court. When you're in the Suns Ring of Honor you're allowed to do those type of things.