Mark Madsen, Meet Kevin Love

The Timberwolves' Mark Madsen blogs about his first interaction with his new teammate, at a scrimmage:

Yes, this was the first time that I got to meet Kevin Love. The man who used to terrorize my Stanford Cardinal basketball team in his one year at UCLA. Well, on the last play of the day, Kevin Love went up for a dunk. I tried to block it and the next thing I knew I was making two unexpected trips after practice.

1) To team physician Sheldon Burns (he is also the USA Basketball head physician) to get 12 stitches in my chin,

2) To visit Matthew Alm of Brookside Dental (Minneapolis), to get my front tooth popped back into place.

Thanks Kev. :)

Madsen goes on to say that he thinks Love will prove to be one of the best-passing big men of the modern era, and a rookie of the year candidate.