What You Missed Last Night

"Second Chance Season," the documentary about current Wizard Nick Young's final season of high school was, I learned today, on ESPN2. Here's a long promo that gives the flavor of the thing. I hope we'll have another chance to see it soon.

(Me? I missed it because these days, when I'm not at my desk or being a dad, I'm working out! Last night, I was hustling up and down the floor at a local gym, trying to work like a pro. On Monday I'm on the plane to Florida to be trained like a professional basketball player, and as I mentioned earlier, I'm determined not to be the first person on the court to puke from overexertion at David Thorpe's special media session at IMG's Pro Training Center. The best part is that, after writing about the camp the other day, I have received probably 50 different sets of advice about how to prepare. Run hills! Scrimmage! Move laterally! Jump! Lift! Stretch! Drink lots of water! Don't breathe too hard! And then on top of all that, lots of people have advised me to be sure to rest. I'm here to tell you, you can't please everybody.)