Wednesday Bullets

  • Tom Haberstroh on how Kobe's passing seems to impact the Lakers on both ends (Insider): "That 1-13 record when Bryant tallies three assists or fewer still means something, right? I mean, one win in 14 games! As usual with this Lakers team, it's really about the defense. Get this: In those 14 games, the Lakers have allowed 108.2 points per 100 possessions, a defensive rating that would rank dead last in the NBA. But in games in which Bryant gets eight or more assists? That defensive rating improves to 100.1 points per 100 possessions. Now we're talking. This is where it gets interesting. Are we really to believe that the Lakers' defensive success varies according to how much Kobe passes?"

  • Chris Bosh, master of the photobomb. How many players could have as much fun as Bosh does in such a pressure-packed environment?

  • Chuck Klosterman's fascinating interview with Royce White on Grantland includes this: "[White] views social media as 'the greatest census of our era.' And the census data he's collecting is really, really dark. 'I think one person tweeting '--- you, go kill yourself' is disturbing. But when you get into the hundreds of those tweets? The thousands of those tweets? I see a lot of people out there with really volatile mental disorders that are not getting help. Because I go to their own Twitter pages, and I can see they're not just sending those messages to me. They're sending them to a bunch of people. I mean, if you tweet at me five times in seven minutes because I'm not playing for a team you have no real connection to? That is not good. That suggests mental illness."

  • Andre Iguodala narrates video of himself defending elite scorers like Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant.

  • Where were Pau Gasol and Anthony Davis in the fourth quarter?

  • At Portland Roundball Society, Danny Nowell recounts the thrilling final moments in Portland's comeback victory Tuesday night: "Last night, it took LaMarcus Aldridge’s first 3 of the season. It took five straight points from Sasha Pavlovic to piece together a comeback run. It took Ronnie Price drawing a charge on O.J. Mayo with four seconds left and what seemed like a wide open layup. Perhaps it’s best expressed this way: The Blazers seem to continually be in positions where every small, infinitely unlikely thing has to occur for them to even stay competitive. And it keeps happening."

  • Aubrey McClendon, prominent member the Oklahoma City Thunder's ownership group, is leaving the company he founded, Chesapeake Energy.

  • Andre Drummond watch: The Pistons rookie went for 18 points and 18 rebounds in 28 minutes off the bench. Unsurprisingly, an awesome dunk was involved.

  • Can the Mavs still make a run to the playoffs?

  • Our Brian Windhorst on Mario Chalmers' assertion that he is a top 10 point guard: "This is Chalmers' greatest attribute, his confidence. Without it he couldn't take constant abuse from LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and still be able to hit clutch shots. Of course he isn't in reality, but Mario is unburdened by such things."

  • Manu Ginobili's fanciest passes in .gif form (via Trey Kerby).

  • Isaiah Thomas, who is "5-9 on a good day" and was the last draft pick in 2011, reveals the secret to his unlikely success: "I stay paranoid."