Stephon Marbury Talks, Unfortunately

I'm hanging around with a lot of coaches and media types here, and the NBA story that is on everybody's mind today is Stephon Marbury.

Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reports:

"They are not going to waive (Marbury)," a league source familiar with the situation said Monday. "That's off the table right now. Dolan is still the rock star contrarian. Everyone is telling him this is the one he has to get rid of, the contract he has to dump, and he won't do it. He's still the rebel without a cause.

"Donnie didn't want him at camp. Mike didn't want him there. But he's there."

So, Walsh and D'Antoni would have to hear that Marbury promises there will be no negotiation of a buyout. He won't take less money to leave. And truth be told: Why would he? On his way to Saratoga Springs for the start of training camp Tuesday, it had to make D'Antoni sick to hear Marbury talk with such a distorted, twisted view of the coach's offensive system. Marbury sees the game through the lenses of a serial loser, a cynical and selfish destroyer of good moods and good chemistry.

"From what I've seen, he allowed Steve Nash to dribble the ball for 22 seconds," Marbury said. "He allows guys to shoot coming down on the break, one-on-three. For me, I like that style of basketball."

Marbury has never been so defiant.

The consensus here is that not even Marbury would expect that kind of talk to fly. And his plan just might work. You have to believe that after Mike D'Antoni and Donnie Walsh read this they would have to be doing everything in their power to convince owner James Dolan to pay him to go away.