The Good Ol' Double Cramp

I have gained an immense amount of respect for professional athletes. The work involved to be one of the fastest, strongest, and most skilled basketball players in the world is truly remarkable.

After the last few days, and all I have learned and experience, I could write fifteen paragraphs on this topic.

Just one little story, about the kinds of things bloggers experience when they masquerade as real athletes: After all the drills, the weightlifting, the workouts, the two-on-two ball screen drills, and then actually playing full-court four on four, I was spent. And I made a big mistake, not instantly drinking a ton of water after the last game concluded.

I uploaded some video, got some ice, and drove two minutes back to where I am staying.

As I got out of the car, I felt a hamstring cramp. Pretty shocking when you get a big muscle going like that. (If you've never experienced it: You know that funny kind of foot cramp that happens sometimes, especially when you're in the pool? It's like that, only much larger.)

So I threw my leg out of the car, and straightened it out as quickly as possible to stop the cramp.

The only problem was, as soon as my leg got wholly straight, the big ol' quad fired off with a nasty cramp of its own.

It occurred to me that there was a small chance somebody would find me, lying next to my car, locked up in cramping, thirsty, overworked muscles, entirely unable to move.

Eventually I made it inside, however, and after some liquids, food, and stretching, I'm feeling much better.

David Thorpe promises the workout tomorrow -- the last day -- will be the toughest yet.

Plenty more video to follow.