Welcome, Hoop76

If you grew up in the 1980s during the dominance of the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, there existed one pleasant and exciting alternative -- the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers were the alt band. You knew they'd never achieve the commercial success of the Celtics and Lakers, but man were the Sixers fun -- Dr. J., a backcourt of Mo Cheeks and Andrew Toney, a young Clint Richardson, The Minister of Defense Bobby Jones, then eventually Moses Malone to put them over the top in '83.

Philadelphia has a storied basketball history, and we want to furnish it with a stellar TrueHoop Network blog. In Hoop76, we've found that source.

Hoop76 will be spearheaded by two young journalists who know the team, the city and, we beg your pardon, Philly's peculiar fan culture:

  • Eric Goldwein grew up in Lower Merion during the Allen Iverson era. Since graduating Lafayette College, Eric has performed research for Slate's “Hang Up and Listen” sports podcast featuring Josh Levin, Stefan Fatsis and Mike Pesca. He also contributed sports stories to Slate. In addition, Goldwein interned at The New Republic last fall. His favorite Sixers moment? When Vince Carter missed this shot in the 2001 Eastern Conference playoffs.

  • Tom Sunnergren is a veteran of the TrueHoop Network and co-wrote my favorite story from last year's MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Sunnergren is a University of Pittsburgh grad who lives in Ardmore, Penn. He works as an editor for AOL's Patch.com, and confesses to being a slow writer, though his work on ESPN.com's Daily Dime would suggest otherwise.

We're excited to have Hoop76 as part of the TrueHoop Network family and feel confident that it will improve the quality of life of every Philadelphia 76ers fan that consumes its steady stream of content. Sixers fans cannot subsist on Andrew Bynum's coif alone.