Everybody Wants to Find a Team to Move to Seattle

They have talked about the Grizzlies or the Hornets or whichever team seems to be losing money at that moment.

SportsNation user osubeavs721 has a new idea that's sure to piss off ClipperBlog's Kevin Arnovitz:

After watching the Lakers and Clippers last night it dawned on me. Why don't the Clippers move to Seattle? First off they would have more fans. Sure, last night was a "road game" for the Lakers but we all know the Lakers had the crowd like they always do.

Second, the Clippers would actually get media coverage. Why play second fiddle in L.A. when you could be the only thing in entire state of Washington. ... So that is my proposal Mr. Stern, and I am offically here to start the "Move the Clippers to Seattle" movement.