Post-Election Bullets

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

  • Chris Bosh offers a congratulatory video to Barack Obama. "I've been watching the election all day...I took a nap -- I wasn't feeling well today -- I took a nap. Woke up at, like, 5 o'clock. Then the polls started closing, so I started watching CNN. I just turned it off. And it's 12:30. I watched the speech. It was a very, very moving speech."

  • Toronto was idle last night, but the Celtics played in Houston. Doc Rivers couldn't be distracted from game prep to watch election coverage, but he told the Boston Globe that the C's -- the whole league, really -- were consumed by the election: "'The guys are celebrating in there,' Rivers said of his players' reaction to Barack Obama's victory. 'I told them this isn't a black-and-white thing, don't look at it that way. It's good for America. I don't care who you voted for, America got involved.' Before the game, Rivers had observed, 'This is the first time I can remember in sports so many guys being so interested in the results. I've never seen anything like this, ever. Players, coaches, everybody talking about it - it doesn't mean they are pro-Obama, pro-McCain, or whatever. It's just that I'm amazed at the interest.'"

  • Kevin Johnson unseats the two-term mayor of Sactown. How did he pull it off? The lead story on his campaign website offers a glimpse into his novel GOTV effort: "A Sacramento limousine company is teaming with the Kevin Johnson for Mayor campaign to get voters to the polls in style on Tuesday...BigThingsLimo.com and GM Michael Osorio are leaders in the 'Promote the Vote' effort in Sacramento, and will be holding an Election Night Results Viewing Party at Chris Webber's 'Center Court with C-Webb' restaurant in Natomas."

  • Dan Shanoff speculates that, given the president-elect's intense love of hoops, "Obama will be 'Baller-in-Chief.'" Shanoff adds: "He will install a basketball court in the White House. He will resuscitate the visibility and cachet of the sport, inspiring a generation of kids to take up the game. If there is a phrase that might have defined his campaign -- and will certainly define his presidency -- may I suggest: 'Obamaball.'"

  • To Shanoff's point, what did Obama on the biggest day of his life while waiting for the polls to close? The lede from the Associated Press' midday report: "Barack Obama unwound by playing basketball and eating a steak dinner with extended family Tuesday as he awaited Election Day results that he hoped would send him to the White House with support from red and blue America." Tom Ziller has more particulars.

  • Check out what Steve Francis was rocking during introductions in Houston last night. "Francis, who's been out since last season with a knee injury, arrived at the arena wearing a red velvet sports jacket with 'Barack Obama' spelled on the back in sequins. If Obama wins the presidency, Francis said he would try to attend the inauguration. 'Today is a transitional day in my career and everybody else's career,' he said before the game. 'Hopefully, there will be a change.' Francis said he had the jacket made by a tailor in New York City, where he played for the Knicks in 2006-07. He would not divulge how much it cost, but said he got it last week and was wearing it for the first time. 'Hopefully, this will show my support,' he said."