Carmelo Honors Woodrow Wilson

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

Carmelo Anthony wanted to honor President-Elect Barack Obama during last night's game against Golden State:

At the Nuggets' shootaround, there was a post-election buzz. Carmelo Anthony smiled and said, "I'm going to try to score 44 tonight," in honor of president-elect Barack Obama, who was elected Tuesday as America's 44th president.

Noble intention, to be sure. And an auspicious matchup if you want to go for 44 -- Golden State ranks 8th in pace.

Unfortnuately, Anthony finished with only 28 points on 13-30 shooting from the field. In doing so, Anthony pays homage to the nation's 28th President, Woodrow Wilson (D-NJ). Though Wilson's ascendancy wasn't the historic feat that Obama's is, he did enact the nation's first federal drug laws, and Anthony...well...assisted in an anti-drug video following the Stop Snitchin' flap. And Wilson studied at Johns Hopkins, just a few miles away from Anthony's turf in Baltimore.