Welcome, Brooklyn's Finest

It's not as if NBA teams haven't relocated, built new arenas, re-designed their duds and overhauled their rosters, but we've never seen a rebranding effort as ambitious as the Nets' move to Brooklyn. The Nets now play in the league's most cutting-edge facility in New York City's most dynamic borough. Sponsorship and fan interest have spiked. The roster certainly has its flaws, but the organization has been aggressive and the team will finish the season with its best record since 2006.

When Sebastian Pruiti (Oklahoma City Thunder) and Devin Kharpertian (The Brooklyn Game) moved on from the TrueHoop Network, we went looking for a new voice that could capture both what happened between the lines and how the city responds to its new franchise.

Brooklyn's Finest will be that source and it will be led by a smart, young journalist named Jeremy Gordon.

Gordon grew up in Chicago during the Michael Jordan era. He'll politely entertain your arguments in favor of Kobe Bryant as G.O.A.T., but he's not really buying. Gordon is a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, where you can find his work at The Daily Fix. He's also written for BULLETT, Noisey and The Classical, among other publications. He currently resides in Bushwick, where he's lived on and off since graduating from Northwestern University in 2010.