Weekend Bullets

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

  • The latest beneficiary of Mike D'Antoni's system in New York? Wilson Chandler, who will receive his second consecutive start today: "On Friday, Coach Mike D'Antoni matched Chandler, an undersized but athletic power forward, against the Washington All-Star power forward Antawn Jamison. On Sunday, D'Antoni will match him against Utah's sweet-stroking center, Mehmet Okur."

  • Mike Bresnahan notes that while the Lakers are lighting up the scoreboard, their shot chart tells a different story: "They're averaging 105.8 points a game but shooting 43.5%, a lowly 21st in the league going into Saturday's games."

  • Mark Heisler -- the John Chamberlain of Los Angeles sports -- continues his epic correspondence with Donald T. Sterling. Heisler advises the Clippers to do Elgin Baylor right: "There is something you can do in the meantime: Figure out a happy ending for Elgin (that's spelled s-e-v-e-r-a-n-c-e p-a-c-k-a-g-e) and hold a night for him. After all these years, it would be nice if one Clipper's days ended gracefully. Your general manager of 22 years whose jersey is on the Staples Center wall would be a good candidate."

  • Atlanta has jumped out to a 4-0 start, but here comes the true test: Can they survive without Josh Smith for 2-4 weeks?

  • The accountants at Pickaxe & Roll like the McDyess buyout deal for the Nuggets.

  • Could McDyess end up in Boston?

  • Blazers Edge has just the job for Jerryd Bayless: "When the team comes out flat, I nominate Jerryd Bayless to come out and play headless chicken basketball to get things going. Sergio and Rudy are starting to get the ability to pick up the tempo; But I'd like to see JB's killer craziness infused when we are really lulling and a tempo change isn't quite enough."

  • How do you know it's garbage time in Toronto? "[T]he entire pub starts sarcastically chanting MVP, MVP as Joey Graham gets soundly rejected off the glass in a 24 point game."

  • Joe Alexander was a chic lottery pick back in June, but we've heard precious little about him since the season started. Brew Hoop observes: "The more we see Alexander, the less he looks like a lottery bust. He might not reach the NBA A-List, but Alexander should be at least a strong contributor. He boasts a quick, decisive first step, and is strong with the ball."

  • For Gilbert Arenas, there is no red ink, and blue ink. There's only...