Monday Bullets

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

  • Mehmet Okur will take leave from the Jazz to attend to a family medical emergency in Turkey. Will Kosta Koufos get the nod at center?

  • With Devin Harris on the shelf, the Nets are suddenly very thin at the point. Dave D'Alessandro: "It seems short-sighted to carry only three point guards nowadays - regardless of what you think of Carter's ability to handle point chores. Especially since a guy like Eddie Gill is sitting at home in Indianapolis: Do the Nets really believe that the $790,000 they'll have to invest is going to break them? Especially if these games somehow turn out to be important? Especially since Mo Ager is really doing nothing but acting as a practice body?"

  • According to Britt Robson at The Rake, the Wolves' interior defense has two settings -- bad, and worse.

  • It's a long season, Dwight Howard. "The Magic superstar came to shoot-around today dressed up like Tyrone Biggums, the squeaky voiced crack addict portrayed by comedian Dave Chappelle on Chappelle's Show...Howard imitated the character, standing in front of Sun Sports cameras and the local media. Just like Biggums, Howard wore a tan suit that he might have bought at Goodwill, a blue-colored hooded sweatshirt under the suit coat and a red stocking cap."

  • Not that you need an excuse to visit Blazers Edge, but you'll find this gem inside Dave's preview of tonight's Blazers v. Magic contest: "The very first thing to know about the Magic is that Dwight Howard is destroying everything in his path like a tornado full of bazookas stuffed with pop rocks and diet coke." (Hat Tip: TQC)

  • Forum Blue & Gold has been studying the Lakers' shot charts from the last couple of games, and noticed this: "Kobe is getting his shots in spots that Michael Jordan used to get a lot of his. He can still shoot and hit from anywhere, but he is into the middle of the paint for shots, either off post plays or cutting off a screen, and he is getting a lot of looks from the free throw area."

  • Pickaxe & Roll will take the heat for the Denver's less aesthetically pleasing brand of basketball: "I called on the Nuggets to shift from a run and gun score board melting style to a more deliberate defensive oriented system that relies on stops and efficient offense. They just have to work on the efficient offense aspect of the equation. They still played at a relatively fast pace, but not anywhere near the pace they played with at home last season."

  • Tim Thomas digs yoga. Favorite pose? Downward Dog, presumably.