Now Entering the Game for O.J. Mayo...

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

It's a telling sign that Joey Whelan's well-drawn profile of DeMar DeRozan at DraftExpress has a sidebar capsule of O.J. Mayo beside it. DeRozan, USC's star recruit, will make his collegiate debut Saturday night against UC-Irvine. USC Coach Tim Floyd will slot DeRozan into Mayo's slot at the SG, where the 6' 7" freshman will flash his freaky athleticism.

You'll hear more about DeRozan once coverage of the 2009 Draft class ramps up in the coming weeks, but Whelan's comprehensive piece is a nice introduction:

What DeRozan gives is a package of talent and athleticism that may not be matched in this freshman class. Blessed with the size and explosiveness to be a dominant perimeter player in college, he also brings a developing skill set that can develop into a lethal threat at the NCAA level in time. DeRozan scored 29 points in USC's intrasquad scrimmage a couple of weeks ago, and while a flurry of dunks had the student body talking, it was the freshman's poise that impressed the coaches.

"He's a gamer, a guy who really steps up, [USC Assistant Coach Bob] Cantu says. "Demar is a scorer, yes, but he's such a team oriented guy. He doesn't force his shots, but gets them in the flow of the offense.

Courtesy of Ballislife.com