TrueHoop TV: Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford is a rare combination: He's both a high-potency scorer in his prime -- with one of the NBA's most feared offensive arsenals -- yet at the same time he's a wily veteran who has played for 16, count 'em, head coaches in his 12 NBA seasons.

Perspective? He's got it.

The Clippers guard recently chatted with TrueHoop's Kevin Arnovitz. In Part I he talks about his signature move, the shake and bake, which he says he created out of fear, when he was 16, while being checked by a stout defender in Doug Christie's pro-am game in Seattle.

In Part II he explains that Chris Paul sees the floor as if he is taking pictures, or is in slow motion, and can move all the pieces around in his mind. He knows how every team is covering everything the Clippers do, and for good measure he's yelling at their bench about it.

"He's like the Matrix this guy," says Crawford. "He's unbelievable."