TrueHoop TV: Larry Sanders

Larry Sanders is making quite the name for himself.

In March, the Milwaukee Bucks center was the toast of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference in Boston, where stat geeks celebrated him as one of the NBA's best interior defenders. Sanders ranked second in the league in block percentage, blocks per game and blocks per 48 minutes. He also resides among league leaders in a couple of more dubious categories -- technical fouls and ejections -- but he's working on keeping his cool.

What's crazy is that Sanders never had designs to play basketball, even as late as his teenage years when he was more likely to be found on a skateboard than a blacktop. As a kid, he was more decidedly more artsy than sporty.

Sanders sat down with TrueHoop TV on Tuesday. In Part I, he talks about how he developed "pro habits" as an NBA center, his love of art and what he turns to when he wants to lower his temperature.

In Part II, Sanders discusses hard fouls in the NBA from the perspective of a rim protector and whether it's good for the game when a defender wraps up an offensive player who's driving to the basket. We also probe why big guys prefer to be listed as 6-foot-10 or 6-foot-11 rather than 7-feet.