A Few More Bullets

  • TrueHoop reader Christopher, reacting to an earlier link to a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tribute: "OK, here's my take on the SkyHook: It may have been the single greatest offensive weapon in sports history. Really -- not only because of the truly sick number of points he scored, but for its singularity. Yes, he had a jump shot, but it made one cringe. Defenses key on great players in all sorts of ways, taking away this move or that threat, but everyone on that all-time list had a VARIETY of weapons -- Kareem brought forth the same one night after night, right there for all to see. Everyone knew the rhythm (I can still hear Chick Hearn saying "Kareem gets the ball low on the right side. Fakes to his right and SWINGS left... ) and knew EXACTLY what he was going to do and where he was going to do it, but were powerless to stop it. What, in any other sport, is analogous? I've been making this point to friends for years, and they usually come up with something like Ryan's fastball or a Montana touchdown pass or a Wilt dunk, but those miss the point entirely -- they were great parts of a more complete arsenal. Kareem killed this entire league for years with a single weapon, and no one ever solved it."

  • Not just Barack Obama -- all kinds of basketball players will be taking over the White House. It is a revolution.

  • Oh my word. I have created something of a monster with talk of trading LeBron James. So many trade ideas from readers.

  • General soreness? I have no idea what it feels like to walk in Tracy McGrady's shoes, but sitting out three more weeks with a diagnosis a five-year-old could make ... that's not helping anyone disprove the doubters. Does anyone besides McGrady have these kinds of lines in AP stories?: "McGrady visited renowned orthopedist James Andrews on Monday. The team said Andrews confirmed the initial medical assessment by team doctor Tom Clanton that McGrady is suffering from general soreness in the knee."

  • How did the Lakers let the Pacers hang around long enough for something weird to happen? Especially on a night when Danny Granger had a Nets-era Stephon Marbury stat line, shooting 10 of 27? Nobody saw that coming. I love the NBA, where anything can happen. I also guess this is what happens when you let the other team have nine more rebounds and nine more assists, while getting a little chilly (six of 19) from the 3-point line.