Tony Allen's karaoke defense

Thanks to the resourcefulness of Chris Vernon, radio host at 92.9 ESPN Sports Radio in Memphis, the world was treated to video of Tony Allen's interpretation of Montell Jordan's "This is How We Do It" at Allen's Karaoke Night last week.

Objectively terrible, don't you think? Allen couldn't remember word one of the song.

On Saturday at Grizzlies' shootaround prior to Memphis' Game 1 matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers, Allen offered an explanation of the NBA's biggest karaoke fail in recent memory:

I thought I knew it. I froze up. You know what it was? I'm going to tell you what it was. The words were coming off the projector too slow, Man. So I was trying to read it and trying to remember what I knew, then look at the words and it didn't mix.

But I've been listening to that song ever since I left that place. There will be a comeback, definitely. Definitely.

There are second acts in Tony Allen's America.