Live from Philadelphia, Where Andre Miller Can Now Shoot

I'm watching the Sixers try to hold their big lead against the Blazers. (It was 24 points at one point. Now about ten.)

In the first half, 26% 3-point shooter Andre Iguodala had more made as many 3s than the entire Portland roster.

And here is the part of the blog post where I was going to write something like even Andre Miller made a 3.

Miller is a miserable 3-point shooter. 21% for his career. In 2006-2007 he made five all season, and he played in 80 games that year.

But let me tell you, I just looked it up and this season he is making nearly 37% of his 3s.

You know what that means? At age 32, a decade into his career, he relearned how to shoot. He added something major to his game. His true-shooting percentage is the highest of his career, just as he has stopped passing up all those open long balls.

You have to respect that. And, as Miller is reportedly one of the league's available point guards, you have to factor it in. With a jumper, he's more valuable.

UPDATE: Sixers drilled the Blazers, who lost Steve Blake to a seperated shoulder. Also, Rudy Fernandez is out. This road trip is going to feature a lot of Sergio Rodriguez and Jerryd Bayless.

As for Andre Miller's shooting, he claims he has changed precisely nothing about his shot -- and implies he could have been shooting like this all along.

"Throughout my career I have been consistent from 15 to 20 feet," he points out. "I've always been a decent shooter."

And his miserable 5 for 35 season? "I wasn't really taking them at all ... those were just shots at the end of quarters, and in weird situations. They weren't good shots."

This season, however, he has decided to start shooting them. Sixer coaches have talked about getting the team to shoot more 3s -- and since Tony DiLeo took over, all the team's offensive stats are notably up. (They are scoring 99.7 points per game now, compared to 90.6 under Maurice Cheeks.) But asked why he's shooting more now, Miller talks age, and cutting down on those forays into the paint: "You want to start shooting more as you get later in your career. It makes things easier on your legs."