The World Needs Some Good Dunk Gimmicks

Joe Alexander's people promised yesterday that if he makes the NBA's Dunk Contest, he will deliver two never-before-seen, gimmick-free dunks.

And I thought: What's wrong with gimmicks?

I thought Dwight Howard's sticker dunk was a highlight of that contest in recent years.

Aaron Barzilai of BasketballValue.com has an idea for a dunk that would be extremely tough. But it would bring the house down if somebody could pull it off.

He describes the move:

The dunker puts a digital camera (instead of a cupcake) on the back of the rim. Then, on his dunk, he jumps up, grabs it, and takes a picture of himself throwing it down. As the crowd is going crazy, the dunker can then run over to the TV cameras and show the world the picture he just took on the digital camera's screen. Might be hard for Nate Robinson to pull it off, but it seems like at least Dwight Howard probably could do it.

99% likely that camera ends up with a picture of the floor, or the ceiling, or something. Also, you'd need a digital camera that takes a picture the instant you push the button, instead of those that delay half a second. That would be a deal breaker.

Might be simpler with a little video camera. Then you can just grab it and smile into it as you dunk.

We have seen a cupcake dunk. A superman dunk. Players have jumped over tables, chairs, and short teammates.

Dunkers still have time to practice. You have any good dunk gimmicks to offer them?