Who is Gerald Green?

Maybe you saw that kid win the slam dunk contest during the McDonald's high-school game on TV a few weeks ago? That kid was Gerald Green, who just graduated from Gulf Shores Academy in Houston. Even though everyone likes Chris Paul better, some people are predicting that my beloved Portland Trail Blazers will use the third overall pick on Green, because Green is a shooting guard, and the Blazers need one of those badly.

So who is Gerald Green and what is he like? He's 6-8, which is dazzling for someone who can jump, run, and shoot. He's pretty humble, which is refresehing. When DraftCity.com's Jonathan Givony interviewed Gerald Green recently, he asked about Tracy McGrady. (Because he's a tall, athletic guard who can shoot, everyone will always compare this poor kid to Tracy McGrady.) Here's how Green responded:

I don't think I'm anywhere close to him. I mean, we're talking about Tracy McGrady. That's my favorite player, he's an amazing ball player. I try to watch him a lot, cause I try to use his moves or whatever-- he's a tall guard just like me but people that are saying that I compare to Tracy McGrady┬Žthere is no comparison. He is a much better ball player than I am, and will be a much better player than me.