Wednesday Bullets

  • Holy cow. The Hawks' official website has interviewed Wizznutzz. I mean, you can go on a part of NBA.com right now and read about a proposal to trade Oleksiy Pecherov to Dynamo Moscow for a live lion. I feel the TrueHoop Network is doing important work here, keeping the NBA from being too serious.

  • A transcript, from the San Jose Mercury News' Tim Kawakami, of Al Harrington last night, talking about his time on Golden State: "Do you look at what Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright are going through now with Nelson and think, yeah, I know that? Yeah, I know exactly what those guys are going through, you know what I'm saying? I talk to B-Wright every once in a while. I just tell him to keep his head, try to stay positive and try to weather this Nellie Storm. Because he's been known to, you know, ruin guys' careers. So hopefully that won't happen to those guys. You're the one who said that once you get on Nelson's bad side you never get away from that ... Not really. You'll go into his doghouse for no reason. It's hard to figure him out. That makes it tough, because it's hard enough playing against the opponent every night. When you know you've got to play a mind game with your coach, too, it's just not worth it. You know, the game is supposed to be fun. If you can't do that, just do the best that you can to get out of that situation."

  • TrueHoop reader Konstantin, freshly home from the Nets vs. Spurs game, e-mails about Tim Duncan's phenomenal stealth: "I went excited about watching the big three live for the first time, and with a friendly wager of dinner to boot. I also came hoping to focus on Tim Duncan and get some insight on playing interior defense before my team's first game tomorrow at our company basketball tournament. I consider myself a fairly in-tune basketball fan, and I didn't think Tim could surprise me. I wouldn't overlook him, despite his reputation as a quiet juggernaut. He fooled me. When I looked at the scoreboard at halftime and saw that #21 had 19 points, I thought the '1' was a few malfunctioning lights on the scoreboard. I looked over to the other side, and the second scoreboard confirmed it ... 19 points for Timmy. Without an announcer feeding me information, these were the quietest 19 points in one half I ever witnessed. ... I swear, NEXT time Tim Duncan won't sneak up on me."

  • Don't assume San Antonio's defense is awesome.

  • Rod Thorn, sounding like a guy who just might have a little something cooking on the trade front.

  • Matt McHale of Bulls by the Horns, on the basketball story of Chicago today -- last night's stirring tribute to legendary player, coach, and broadcaster Johnny "Red" Kerr: "There was a stirring video homage with footage of Johnny both as a player and a color commentator. They gave him a collage of pictures and mementos for display in his home. A bust (representing his broadcasting days) was unveiled, and it will be prominently displayed in the United Center as long as that building still stands. Last, but certainly not least, Johnny was presented with the 2009 John W. Bunn Lifetime Achievement Award by the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. And there were some veryspecial guests, including Kerr's lifelong friend and NBA Hall of Famer Dolph Schayes, Jerry Colangelo (who convinced Johnny to coach in Phoenix many years ago), Kerr's old broadcasting buddy Jim Durham, NBA commissioner David Stern (who made his cadaverous appearance via video), the great Scottie Pippen, and the even greater Michael Jordan (who, in honor of their past together, clapped some rosin powder in Johnny's face). I didn't think it would be possible to top Jordan's speech, but then they aired a video tribute from Barack Obama, otherwise known as the freaking President of the United States! Kerr earned his reputation as the NBA's original iron man for playing in 844 consecutive regular season games, but the fact that he wasn't weeping like a child after all that is proof positive that he has a heart forged of pure steel. I know Iwas crying. (But in a manly way. While crushing rocks with my bare hands.) Even MJ was misty-eyed throughout. It was everything Johnny deserved. The only part of the event that hurt was seeing Johnny - who had always been so vigorous – appear physically diminished. In case you didn't know, Kerr was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and his declining health has been something of an open secret around Chicago (to long-time Bulls fans, anyway). In fact, his condition is the reason that the organization moved up the ceremony, which was originally scheduled for April. Johnny's son, Matt Kerr, had to read a statement that Johnny had prepared. And when Johnny finally did speak, it was obviously with great effort. I can only hope that Johnny's health will improve, at least enough for him to enjoy this long-overdue honor for many years to come."

  • One day soon, the Lakers' home loss to Charlotte will move out of L.A.'s group of heavily weighted recent games. Assuming they keep winning, when that happens, they'll get a bump in John Hollinger's power rankings.

  • Some really confusing stuff that looks important, and may help you predict how well a certain team will rebound.

  • UPDATE: Allen Iverson's three-quarter court between Grant Hill's legs bounce pass in HD.