TrueHoop reader Michael points out a little statistical curio (which I'll illustrate with a prop stolen from the Grizzlies vs. Cavaliers preview).

Michael writes: "Note that LeBron James averages 1.22 blocks per game. That means that James is better than the Grizzlies' best players in the five standard statistical categories. All five."

Not bad.

  • Points: O.J. Mayo 19.4, LeBron James 28.7

  • Rebounds: Marc Gasol 7.1, LeBron James 7.4

  • Assists: Mike Conley 3.7, LeBron James 7.1

  • Steals: Rudy Gay 1.4, LeBron James 1.8

  • Blocks: Darko Milicic 1.1, Ben Wallace 1.4