Cheaper than a Movie: Wolves Games

Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes about reduced season ticket prices to Timberwolves games.

Now you can get nosebleed season tickets for $5 a game, with your money back if you lose your job. I'm sure there are the fees and taxes and things. But compare that with the $80 or so a friend recently paid to sit in the nosebleeds of a Knicks game. If you have any interest in watching the Timberwolves, this is some kind of deal.

Zgoda explains:

Times are tough, so Wolves owner Glen Taylor announced just now at Target Center that his team is lowering prices on 95 percent of its season tickets bought by July 1 for 2009-2010 and will guarantee a refund for unused tickets for any season-ticket holders who lose their jobs by Jan. 1, 2010.

Prime courtside seats will remain the same, but most other season tickets will decrease from between $4 to $15 each per game.

You can buy a season ticket for as little as $5 a game -- $215 for the season -- next season. About 4,700 of those tickets will be available for the upper-deck corner sections.

Lower level tickets -- corner "Player Section" areas -- will be available for as little as $15 a game. Tickets behind the baskets that sold for $25 this season will be $20 under "Early Bird" pricing, which requires purchase by July 1.

The team is also introducing a no-interest nine-month payment plan. For two $5 season tickets, that's $46 a month. For two $15 lower-level season tickets, that's $71 a month.

Asked how the Wolves can afford to do so, team president Chris Wright called the new pricing a "volume play" design to boost the season-ticket base, at about 5,000 this season, and create a "home-court advantage" by filling empty seats with paying customers.