Phil Jackson vs. Basketball Overload

Dave McMenamin of NBA.com spent some time with Phil Jackson, and has some insight into Jackson's schedule -- daily, and long-term:

Whether the Lakers win another championship or not this season, it's becoming clearer that Jackson isn't long for the NBA. "I have a contract through next year, so one more year, that's really all I'm anticipating to do," Jackson says. "The game and the economy I think are going to be married to each other over the next couple, three years so I think it's going to be interesting to watch how that happens and even be a part of it if one has to be."

And if he does walk away from the game in 2010, he seems prepared. There will be more time for girlfriend Jeanie Buss (the owner's daughter), his five children, his grandchildren, his summer home in Montana, his trips to Australia to see friend and former player Luc Longley, maybe another book or two from his journal that he still keeps "on a biweekly basis" ...

"The balance has always been there for me," Jackson says. " I got a note from [former Marquette University coach Al] McGuire before he passed away and it said, 'If you can't get it done in eight hours, you ain't gonna get it done.' So that was one of the things that I try to remember about basketball. I've always had outside interests. That's been no problem."