Al Jefferson's Armpits Hurt

Minnesota's star big man -- speaking to the media for the first time since surgery to repair his ACL -- says it has been a tough adjustment to his life of rehabbing. The first problem, says Al Jefferson, is the crutches, which make his armpits hurt.

The second obstacle is a TV that isn't so tough. On the team's official website, Jonah Ballow explains:

"I've liked just watching the games," Jefferson commented. "Not being able to play, I've learned and I'm seeing a lot better, understanding the game, and I keep in contact with the guys. I'm especially in Kevin Love's ear. I try to call him every chance I get, just talk to him and Randy, just let them know, keep a clear head and keep playing hard."

In this time of adversity, Jefferson is seeing the game from a different perspective. At times, the process of watching games instead of participating in the action has resulted in Jefferson single-handily keeping the electronic business afloat in rough economic times.

"Aww man, I threw things," Jefferson joked. "Matter of fact I'm replacing a TV now in my house right as we speak because I threw things at the TV because I be so upset. Sometimes a bad call with the ref or anything. I got to control my emotions on that part."