Why I Picked Memphis

I know so little about college basketball that I'm not even certain when the NCAA tournament starts, but I'm sure you can still sign up to make me look bad for picking Memphis to win the whole thing.

I feel pretty good about the pick, honestly. First of all -- a single elimination tournament is a crap-shoot, so any good team is a reasonable pick.

But Memphis has some things going for it:

  • Stat Geek Power: It's America's top-ranked team according to my very cursory glance at Ken Pomeroy's rankings.

  • Guard Power: All kinds of people say the tournament requires great guard play, and I know Coach John Calipari's much-copied offensive system empowers guards to attack. Having honed those skills all season, Tyreke Evans and company ought to be right at home in the tournament environment.

  • Experience Power: Although last year's runner-up team lost big names Derrick Rose, Joey Dorsey, and Chris Douglas-Roberts to the NBA, two seniors, four juniors, and one sophomore play real minutes now. They have a powerful body of knowledge from last year's run.

  • William Wesley Power: Never bad to have one of the most powerful men in sports pulling for your team, and everybody knows this is his favorite college program.

So that's all good. What's bad is that I haven't seen them play one time -- and last night I heard from a basketball expert in Memphis who watches all their games, and he says he thinks my pick is crazy.